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Igusa Time

PAINTY (Set of 4)

PAINTY (Set of 4)

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Dimensions: W17.8"x L17.8" x H0.8" (W45 x L45 x H2.0 cm)

Weight: 2.21 lb.(1.0 kg) per piece (unpackaged)

Pieces: 4

Mat Surface Material: Polypropylene (no tacker used)

Engineered through the study of natural igusa (rush grass) structures, this product boasts a touch that's nearly identical to its natural counterpart and showcases exceptional durability. The primary materials are olefin resin and moisture-absorbing calcium carbonate, designed to not emit harmful substances such as dioxins when incinerated.

Our tatami mat inhibits the growth of mold and mites, making it easy to maintain. It's robust, resistant to sun-fading, and has excellent water repellent properties. Plus, it's resilient against scratches and slippery surfaces. On the flip side, it lacks the moisture regulating properties and the distinct fragrance of natural igusa. Nevertheless, this artificial tatami offers an impressive balance of durability and ease of care, perfect for modern lifestyles.

The core material uses upcycled Japanese tea leaves, making this product environmentally friendly. The catechins in the tea leaves and their deodorizing effects create a refreshing atmosphere in your room.


In some countries and regions, inspections may be required. In such cases, an additional inspection fee will be necessary, and we will inform you via email. For exports to Australia, it is possible, but recently, the recipient being a corporate entity may be required. Additionally, several documents must be submitted so that shipping may take some time. Customs duties may vary depending on the country or region. Value-added tax will also be applied when importing.

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Gallery - PAINTY

Experience a touch of whimsy in your living space! Inspired by the joy of effortlessly changing wall, door, and furniture hues, our tatami features a playful design reminiscent of vibrant paint palettes.

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Customization & Combination Options

Our store offers the flexibility to use various materials to suit your preferences. You can also create unique combinations by mixing different products from our Ready-Made collection. If you have any questions or specific requests, please get in touch with us through our inquiry form before placing your order.