Are there any usage precautions to be aware of?

Please avoid using the product on carpets or uneven, soft surfaces. Do not jump or run on it. While the product has a non-slip treatment on the underside, there's still a chance it could move. Be aware that it can be more slippery when aligned with the grain of tatami mats.

Try not to place the product in locations subject to constant extreme high temperatures or high humidity, or directly under sunlight, as it may deform. Do not use it on top of heated flooring or hot carpets; accumulated heat could warp the product or the flooring.

Ensure that the product isn't directly exposed to warm air from a heater or heat from a radiant stove for prolonged periods. It's recommended to lift and ventilate the product, as well as clean underneath it, about once a week. Leaving it unattended on the floor could allow dust, dirt, and excessive moisture to accumulate, potentially leading to mold or mite infestations, which could negatively impact your health.

Are your tatami mats safe for those with atopic dermatitis or other allergic conditions?

Yes, our Japanese-made tatami mats with traditional Washi-paper facings or modern resin facings are designed to curb occurrences of common causes of allergies, including household dust, mold, and mites. Using natural plants, our tatami mats have superior humidity control properties. However, they may be susceptible to mold and mites due to their organic content.

Can I wash my tatami mats with water?

No, unfortunately, you cannot wash tatami mats with water. They are also not suitable for use in washing machines or dryers.

How should I care for my tatami mats?

At its most basic, clean your tatami mat by wiping it along the grain with a clean towel. If your tatami mat is made of synthetic material, it can also be damp-wiped. However, if your mat is made of natural rush, please avoid damp-wiping or using it around water as much as possible, as it tends to absorb moisture.

How can I prevent dents and scratches in daily care? If you spill something, quickly wipe it up using a tightly wrung out towel or cloth. (Note that scrubbing too hard may damage the surface.) When vacuuming, move along the grain of the tatami. If you place heavy, sharp, or caster-equipped items on the mat, always use a protective mat. Please refrain from dragging items across the tatami. If the mat becomes soiled, please refer to the cleaning instructions provided with the product.

I received the wrong item. The product arrived damaged.

We're so sorry for the inconvenience! We'll gladly cover the shipping and handling fees to send you a replacement as soon as possible. However, please ensure you contact us within 7 days of delivery with the product in unused condition.

Unfortunately, if it has been over 8 days since delivery, we may be unable to accommodate a refund or exchange.

Please note that we generally do not accept returns for reasons other than receiving a damaged or incorrect product.